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A day in the life with Brandon in Santa Cruz, CA

I recently spent a good part of the day with Brandon and his parents documenting his day at the beach with the Ride a Wave Foundation. Brandon is 25 years old, a quadriplegic with Cerebral Palsy, doesn't talk, and has to have total care. He has been surfing for 15 years. 

Ride a Wave is a 100% volunteer run organization based in Santa Cruz who's mission is to give children with special needs the chance to feel the thrill of riding a wave and experience a safe, fun-filled day at the beach, whether they are physically, developmentally or economically challenged. Check out what they do here -

In the short time I spent with Brandon I was amazed by his fearlessness in the ocean, his incredible smile and bright personality. He is loved by the community and seems to bring people together wherever he goes.  I think we could all learn something from him.