Zihuatanejo / Troncones, Mexico.

This set is from a recent trip down to mexico.  I never got to get into any serious photography while I was there as I was surfing for most of the first three days, then got sick for the rest of the trip.  That's the way it goes sometimes but I still cant say it was a bad vacation.  The first 3 days were amazing!


A little less than a year ago I did a photo shoot for a friend of her dog Duffy.  I also made her a book of my favorite images and surprised her with it.  She was super happy to receive the book and keeps it in her hair cutting business to show all her friends.  The other day I learned Duffy unexpectedly passed away.  I'm so glad we took the photos when we did as they have so much sentimental value to her now.  You just never know what a photo is going to mean to some one down the line. 

Roaring Twenties Party

This set is from an awesome Roaring 20’s party I went to a while back.  I saw a lot of old friends, had a great time and got to practice shooting with a camera in one hand and a cocktail in the other.  A good skill to have indeed.