Hi there, my name is Jason. Instead of talking about how I got started in Photography or what kind of camera I use, I thought I'd just share some random things about myself.


1.  I grew up without electricity for the first 20 years of my life. No I'm not Amish, just grew up as a hippy kid and loved it.  I also now love my light switches and dishwasher.

2.  I have almost no photographs of my childhood and cherish the few I have.  It makes me realize how important having a visual history of your life is.  Not the picture of the cup of coffee kind, or the endless selfies we take, but the real moments that tell us a bit about who we were at that moment in time.

3.  Surfing has always been a huge part of my life.  When I see, smell, or hear the ocean I feel I'm home.

4.  My car is a rolling sand box.  It dutifully carries my kayak, surfboards, wetsuits, sandy shoes and other necessities.  It's usually not very clean but I like to think it's proof of a life well lived.

5.  I probably drop too many F-bombs (It's a work in progress). But don't worry, I know when to turn it off.

6.  I feel most alive when I'm traveling. Maybe its just being pushed out of my comfort zone, but there's something about interacting with people half way across the world that inspires so much introspection and personal growth.  I believe interacting with people a little different than ourselves fosters compassion for one another and a realization that we’re all basically the same.

7.  I was extremely shy when I was a kid. Who would have thought I'd grow to be so comfortable getting into the mix and photographing people I barely know.  A guest at a wedding recently told me "you seem so natural and comfortable when you get in close to photograph people."  This was one of the best compliments I have ever received. It tells me I'm right where I need to be.  Another told me "your’e not like one of those weird camera dudes!" So I guess there's that too!

8.  Documentary photography completely amazes me.  I think the human experience is so incredible, as is the power of photography to capture its moments and tell its story. No amount of Photoshop trickery or perfect posing will ever replace a real moment or emotion. 



A good documentary

Thunderstorms and downpours

Trying new foods

Exercising (outside)

Healthy food that tastes good


Water activities (mainly surfing)

TED Talks

Dark chocolate/Beer

Good stories

Nature/Empty beaches

Authentic & Inspirational people


Wet socks

Our Culture's obsession with looking young

Loud people in quiet places

Weak coffee

Traditions that oppress people in any way

Egg yolks


People who don't value art


That shitty song that pops into your head when you first wake up.